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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner - PART 1

At Premier Plus we often talk about how we are your choice for professional carpet cleaners in Athens, GA. For the past 25 years we have been providing local homes and families with professional carpet cleaning services in the Athens, GA area.

Today we want to speak more on why hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is the best way to clean your home safely and sustainable throughout the years. Many people ask why not clean my home by myself? Why provide cleaning services when many see DIY as not only easier but most of the time cheaper?

Today we want to break down those reasons and provide you with the sound reasons why carpet cleaning is still a 4.6 billion dollar industry.

At Premier Plus we know that time is often of the essence for this post. We will break it down by half to better serve you. The first reasons why professional carpet cleaning is the best choice are:

Time saver:

As stated above time is often of the essence. Saving time is often something that we may not always be able to take advantage of but when hiring a professional you easily can. A professional carpet cleaner will know all the ends and outs of cleaning your home. Not only allowing busy homeowners to save time but also the effort of carpet cleaning. Many may think that carpet cleaning is a simple task. But by asking any one who has done it, it can be quite labor intensive.

Not all carpet is the same:

This may or may not come as a shock. But not all carpets, rugs or mats are made the same. Different materials and design makeup require different cleaning techniques. Cleaning your long hair rug in your bedroom or study will be different than cleaning your more standard living room or entry hall rug. Hiring a professional like Premier Plus is the best way to make sure that you properly take care of those materials. The last thing you want to do is damage these materials in the process of trying to clean them.

No need to carry, store, or repair heavy equipment:

If you have any experience with either store bought professional carpet cleaners or standard industrial grade cleaners you know that those machines are quite heavy. They are often filled with water and have to be carried from room to room to clean. Sometimes, in most store bought vacuums, those water tanks are on the vacuum itself. Meaning not only does the tank have to be refilled multiple times but can become really tiresome and heavy over time.When hiring a professional carpet cleaner everything such as that is completely avoided. You don’t have to worry about carrying the equipment, storing it in your home or even repairing it when it ultimately has issues.

Ensure you’re sanitizing your carpets:

Often retail carpet cleaners do not sanitize your carpets while cleaning them. This means that germs and bacteria can still live in your carpet fibers even after going over them. Sometimes those germs, bacterias, and mites can live deep in your carpet and cause allergic reactions to the inhabitants of your home. When hiring a professional carpet cleaner you can ensure that the strongest and safest solutions are being used on your carpet to ensure that any germs and bacteria are cleared away.

With these 4 benefits in mind you can be sure that hiring a professional carpet cleaner in Athens, GA like Premier Plus is the best choice. Ensure that you can save time, safely clean all types of carpet, never worry about storing equipment and ensure that all germs and bacteria are removed. Make sure that your home is safe and clean with Premier Plus.

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