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At Premier Plus Carpet Care, we provide the best cleaning services anywhere in Athens, GA. From Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning to Duct Cleaning and Tile and Grout Cleaning. Our full-service cleaning company in Athens will get the job done like no one else. Our founder Will Willams strives to serve with honesty and integrity with everything he does. It provides the best cleaning service in Georgia and gives it the mindset to help people the right way. 

Cleaning your furniture may seem like something to be overlooked, but that can be a significant mistake. 

From mattresses to sofas and loveseats, the furniture in our homes plays a massive role in creating and maintaining that pleasantly welcoming and cozy environment that we all love. Over time, dust settles, and accidents happen. This is where we step in. With our years of experience in this field, we are more than capable of providing you with the treatment that is best suited for your specific upholstery needs.
Different fabrics, the age of the furniture, and other factors like these will all play a role in the recipe for success for cleaning your furniture. When accompanied by our steam cleaning processes, our tools are designed to gently and effectively remove and extract dirt, grime, and other particles from your furniture. The result is furniture that is essentially like new! 

Like most material things, regular maintenance is required for the best upkeep of your product. To maximize the life of your furniture, it is essential to consider having it professionally cleaned at least once every year.

Cleaning your furniture and upholstery can have many benefits that help not only the look of your home but the health of your family. 

Removes Bacteria & Reduces Allergies: Your furniture can become a ground for bacteria growth and other allergens that can cause reactions in your family or guests. Stains and spills you think you cleaned thoroughly may still be present in the form of micro bacteria and airborne allergens. That dirt and grime over time build up to present a severe problem. Cleaning those areas professionally is the best way to ensure complete cleanliness and improve health. 

Eliminates Odors & Improves Sanitation: Furniture, and not just couches and mattresses but all furniture. Mattress, sofas, chairs, and other items in your home are the most often used right after carpet. Like your floors, furniture and upholstery need to be cleaned to remove odors and germs that build up on the surface and interior of the material.


Improves Air Quality: Cleaning your furniture removes any airborne bacteria and spores that may be lifted off the couch over time. Those spores can lead to reactions on yourself, family members, or even pets. Sometimes if the situation is bad enough can lead to severe health concerns. Having your furniture cleaned of anything that guests or residents may bring into your home is a critical way to keep your home safe and healthy. 


Our Premier Plus Carpet Care Technician utilizes a two-step process to clean your furniture in the best way possible. Our process thoroughly extracts dirt, grime, and any cleaning residue from the fabric.

  1. ​Our technicians will inspect your upholstery thoroughly before they begin the upholstery cleaning process. To determine the best method, they will inspect the furniture's fabric type, color, and age.

  2. They will then treat any spots on your couches, chairs, or mattresses that appear to require extra attention.

  3. The deep cleaning process begins after spot treatment. The upholstery cleaning machine injects hot water along with our cleaning solution into furniture to remove dirt and grime deep within.

  4. It then extracts water to get rid of the dirt.

  5. We will then inspect your upholstery together to ensure you are satisfied with it.

  6. Within hours, your upholstery will be dry.

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CLEAN: Our Furniture upholstery work will take time as we work to gently clean it. After examining the material, age, wear, and amount of stains or damage we will begin the cleaning process.

Cleaning your furniture upholstery with our qualified envriomentally friendly cleaning solution will remove all the stains, grime and bacteria in and on your furniture and leave it santized and germ free. 

Lastly will come our steam cleaning process which will gently dry your furniture within 2-6 hours. 

Image by Corinne Kutz

PROTECT: We provide protective coatings for your upholstery allowing it to last longer by having the ability to wear spills and stains better. 

With increased durability you will be able to enjoy anad extended life span from from your furniture. You will also be able to enjoy an cleaner healthier environment from your furniture with bacteria and allergen free furniture upholstery. 

With this you will be able to safely have yoru children and pets in your home. You no longer have to worry about airborne bacterias and health concerns. 

Image by Anastasiia Chepinska

DEODERIZE: With our service, we provide solutions and chemicals that will remove all odors from furniture and upholstery leaving a fresh, clean scent in your home. 

By neutralizing smells and not masking them we provide you will a piece that smells better than brand new. Removing smells from stains, pets, and kids, and more we leave behind a fresh “like new” material that is ready to weather the storm of your home. 

After the application of our deodorizer, we will leave your home smelling like new and leaving your rooms and home renewed. 

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