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5 Tips For Cleaning Your Home In 2021-2022: A Clean Home = A Happy Home

At Premier Plus we believe in the phrase that a clean home is a happy home. As a cleaning service it's our job to give you a happier home through properly cleaning it. Allowing you to live in a clean and safe home for yourself and your family.

At Premier Plus we want to make sure that you are prepared for the end of the year of 2021 and can begin the winter season and enter the new year on a clean slate with your home. Not only by providing professional cleaning services but great everyday tips for cleaning your home as well.

Some of them may surprise you:

1. You should clean the entire house and not just one room at a time.

It is easier to clean if you focus on one task, such as vacuuming, mopping, and dusting in each room. This will make cleaning much more efficient than cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. This will prevent you feeling like you are in an endless cleaning loop, completing the same task over and again.

2. Use caddies to maintain orderliness and keeping things in one place

It doesn't matter if you have a bucket, a tote or a caddy; having all the tools you need in one place makes it easier to do the job. It's easier to clean than searching for tools and you don't have the hassle of putting them away before the next job.

3. Clear out the clutter

Before you start cleaning, make sure to go through every room and take out all the clutter. Consider whether to put away, donate, or throw out each item you find - old sneakers, magazines, well-read paperbacks and so on.

4. Vacuum and dust

Turn off ceiling fans before you begin dusting. Dust only the tops of furniture, the undersides and sides of shelves, handrails, picture frames, knickknacks, and TV screens. Tie a microfiber cloth to a mop, broom, or other tool for difficult-to-reach places like blinds or upper shelves. Before you vacuum, change the sheets in your bedrooms.

5. Clean mirrors and glass

Wipe all mirrors and glass surfaces with one moist microfiber cloth followed by one dry.

With these first 5 tips in mind, cleaning your home is not only easier but maintainable. Cleaning your home is not a one and done deal. It is a routine process of work. Having professionals like Premier Plus do the more technical aspects is perfect for making sure the job is done right. But by implementing these 5 tips you can be sure that your home will remain maintained and clean throughout the rest of the year and into 2022.

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