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5 Cleaning Maintenance Tips For Your Home

At Premier Plus providing you with a clean and happy home is our goal. But a clean home is not a quick one and done process. If you have constant traffic through your home you know that there are places that can easily become traps for dust, dirt and grime.

And with the winter months coming, rain, water and possibly ice and snow can become puddles of water in your home as well. With constant traffic in your home it's best to keep an eye for these areas of your home that may become areas where dirt can build up. With these 5 tips and areas of your home you will be able to manage those areas and keep them clean.

1. Clean/maintain your dishwasher

Over time, food particles and dirt will accumulate in the dishwasher's interior. After each dishwashing cycle, clean out any leftover food, such as beans and pasta. To prevent odors from returning, pull out the bottom rack and clean it with a paper towel.

2. Clean your toilet.

Let the toilet bowl cleaner sit for five minutes, then scrub it with a stiff-bristled brush. Next, wipe the toilet seat and clean with disinfectant wipes. What's the goal? A sparkling white bowl with a germ-free toilet seat.

3. Refresh your cloudy glasses.

Glassware can be cleaned by soaking them in white vinegar for five minutes. Rinse by hand, then dry using a microfiber cloth.

4. Beat and Shake Area Rugs

Large area rugs should be vacuumed at least once per week. For a deeper cleaning and to learn how to clean dust, take them outside at least three or four times per year. You can also use a tennis racket or a broom to beat them. A good beating will remove more dust than vacuuming. Give smaller rugs a good shake every week.

5. Dust with your Dryer

Blankets, pillows, slipcovers, drapes, and other textiles trap household dust. They also create it as they shed or disintegrate. The reason curtains and drapes become dusty is that they absorb dirt and moisture from the outside. They also act as a landing place for dust from ceiling fans or air vents. It is best to wash machine-washable clothes twice per year, preferably at least once. Non-machine washable textiles can be dried in the dryer for 20 minutes on an air-fluff setting (no heating) with a damp towel. The damp towel will attract pet hair and the airflow and tumbling motion will remove any smaller particles.

With these tips you can be sure that your home will remain clean through out the next winter months and the rest of the year. Premier Plus is there to keep your home clean, call us today! We want to make sure that your home remains clean throughout the year. Providing a safe living environment for your family and yourself. Removing areas of dirt and grime are great ways to lock down areas where germs and bacteria can grow and in turn slow the spread of sickness as well.

Cleaning your home is one of the best ways to keep yourself and your family safe. Be sure to contact Premier Plus today!

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